Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blackies & Seagull Yoga

Had my first surf back at Blackies in Newport Beach, the spot I learned to surf and one that served as my home break for so many years. It had been raining the previous few days and there was some wind on it, but there appeared to be a few little fun bumps by the pier. Some older couple sitting in their minivan warned me they had heard about a strong current in the water, but I dismissed it as out-of-towner nonsense. But I was friendly about it: "I'm on my surfboard, I should be fine." Went out and was almost immediately washed through the pier, with tourists on the pier watching. Had a good laugh. Composed myself and caught a few, while dodging whatever had washed out of the Santa Ana River mouth and into the lineup. So far, from what I can tell, no diseases. Didn't last too long out there. But good to be back. Shot a few photos of the scenery — low tide, kids playing, seagulls lounging. This photo struck me as funny. More to come in another post.