About Me

I, Chasen Seleen Marshall am a writer and photographer originally from Southern California. I currently live in Dana Point and am a freelance journalist, after previously working as a staff writer for OC Weekly, and a fellow for the Houston Press. Prior to my time in Texas, I attended the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York City, and before New York I was the managing editor of an internationally distributed surf magazine, Longboard. My work has been published by ESPN.com, Surfline, The Huffington Post, The Orange County Register, New York Observer, Columbia Journalism Review, among others. When I'm not writing, I enjoy surfing, reading (bunch of Jon Krakauer as of late), shooting photos (mostly beach lifestyle and music), running and trying to get myself to commit to my first triathlon (which was initially put on hold due to the financial restraints of going to grad school). If you need to know a good way to trigger conversation or make me squirm, bring up the fact that I've read the Harry Potter series ... twice. (Photo: Sarah Willett)