Thursday, August 26, 2010

Neighborhood Diamond


After spending an afternoon sorting through my photo files, I started noticing similarities in what I was shooting in New York and what I've shot here in Houston. I figure it could be an interesting occasional topic to revisit when I find images that strike me as similar, though separated by over 1,500 miles. (Unfortunately, I didn't do as much walking around and shooting while in CA – though when I find an opportunity for three images, I'll include those.)

First up, unused baseball backstops at nearby parks. With these two images, I was surprised by the number of similarities: center-weighted, horizontal framing (trees in the first, light poles in the second), presence of nature. The first is in NY, obviously during winter. This was after the second major snow storm to hit the city (I was gone for the first). This was a baseball field in Central Park that is in frequent use during the fall and spring, with adult softball leagues and youth baseball. The second image is a field right by my apartment in Houston. The field doesn't get a whole lot of use, since the temps are constantly in the mid- to high-90s, and breaking triple figures during the day. Every now and then there will be a game, mostly Hispanic players, in full uniform – meaning long pants and cotton jerseys. I don't know how they bear it.

Both remind me of my youth – baseball practice and games. I don't know how my parents put up with it, because it must have been so very boring. But, they were supportive. Fortunately, I was hit in the face with a pitch at a young age and quit the sport soon after. Soccer balls hurt less than baseballs.

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