Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What a Difference 4 Months Make

Wait, you're telling me seasons actually do change? What? This is madness! I'm from California and I always thought winter simply meant there was going to be a handful of days were sandals weren't going to cut it?! Wow. I never knew. That in mind, how do you East Coasters, well, all non-Californian'rs handle all this cold weather? No wonder the population of Southern California is what it is. I will admit, I was overjoyed when I first saw snowfall in NY, but two days later, that black crap on the side of the road that had turned into a paste of some sort and accumulated all the runoff just wasn't as pleasing on the eye or the senses as it was when fresh, delicate and stark white. Hmm, pretty sure I'm okay with taking travel time to experience the seasons from here on out.

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