Monday, February 8, 2010

Someone Please Tell Me Palin is a Puppet

If somewhere Will Farrell and Tina Fey are controlling a walking-talking supposedly presidential candidate dumb-dumb former governor of Alaska, I won't be surprised. I will laugh though. Her behavior is rather entertaining. If not, well...

Really, Republicans, really?! She's the best you have to contend in the next election? Seriously, you can't find anyone better? You do recognize how this reflects on you, don't you? It's not pretty. Pretty sad and embarrassing really. But if you believe in her wishy-washy mumbo-jumbo (that's my best Palin-speak impersonation), I cry for you. Well, not really. I just hope you don't brainwash too many more voters. But if one of your conservative types does win, I'm definitely leaving for Canada ... well, Eastern Canada, don't want to be too close to Alaska, seeing as how they thought she was ideal to govern.

Seriously, what the F? She's up there using every back-handed comment she can find (that weren't even all that witty, and chances are, she didn't write them) to bash the president, and she's got penned notes on her hand! One positive probably came out of this: a whole host of middle school kids who cheat on their tests just found their intellectual equal.

Well played, Ms. Palin.

Oh, and cheers to you Mr. Farrell and Ms. Fey (I seriously hope for my continued respect for my fellow countrymen that you are in fact playing a prank).

Images borrowed from HuffPo post HERE.

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