Monday, February 8, 2010

And so He said, "Let There Be Life Without Facebook!"

I went two weeks without Facebook. It's true. No cheating, no peaking, no looking at a friends computer to see their profile to see what was going on in the world (since FB is my source for world news ... if FB fails then I go to Twitter).

No daily (unnecessary) updates, no new friend requests, no wall comments, no pokes, no 'If I Were A Child Actor Turned Pedophile Who Would I Be?' surveys, no red flags of joy, no tagged photos, and lastly, no endless number of hours wasted. That was the point of the experiment – could I still function without it? I wouldn't say I was addicted, not in the same way that I am to coffee, sports and cocaine (just making sure you're paying attention and not just cursing my absurdity in your head!). It was just that Facebook was becoming a constant source of distraction. I'd open up Safari to double-check some factoid for a story or to research a topic, and inevitably, I'd end up on Facebook. For what, you ask? Who the fuck knows. I guess is was to make sure I hadn't missed the invitation for an event across the country or to become a fan of something I'm not particularly a fan of, like a certain photographers website (who I've denied at least 15 times - get a clue!). In the end, nothing mainly. My time on there was worthless. So, I said goodbye. It wasn't painful. No harsh words were said. I went my separate way and we've both been fine without the other. I just needed my space so that I could focus on work without Facebook as a distraction.

I found other distractions.

Point still made. I succeeded. No Facebook. Yeah, I still wasted time. Whatever. I'm not addicted to Facebook. Glory to me.


Reuben said...

my brother also ditched facebook to focus on finding a job in NY and it actually paid off

jacquelynrachel said...

if you are talking about my photography page, i'll punch you in the face. :)

sw said...

i'm pretty sure it's only been 11 days. i feel fantastic though! like a door to reality has been re-opened. i do feel a little left out of the loop...but i really don't think i was ever really in the loop (more like looking in on the loop from an outsider's perspective).

mccall said...

i think we both tried this a year ago too - i had to have someone change my password for me to succeed. you've inspired me. i need another break and it not to be a part of my daily (possibly hourly) routine. back to reality.