Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365: Here I Go...

PROJECT 365. I'm doing it. Intend to make it happen. Though my motivation is a bit unoriginal, the simple hope was a bit more creativity and photo activity in the new year. I stole the idea from my friend Jackie Jones. I am going to put my photography skills to use at least once every day in 2010. I'm not calling it a New Year's resolution, instead, just a project to give me a bit of discipline and motivation to put my creative side to use. The idea is simple: take and post at least one photo per day for each of the 365 days of the year. Sounds easy enough, but by Day 6 I was already scrambling to put my Canon 40D to use. Not only will this make sure my camera gear doesn't gather dust, but it will also serve as a reminder of what all I was doing throughout the year (if, in fact, I complete the project). I'll be posting my photos daily (hopefully) on my Flickr account, and will try to do a weekly recap with descriptions on here. Most of the photos will be taken with the Canon, but in some instances, I may be forced to turn to the Blackberry built-in camera.

That all in mind, here are the results of the first six days of my attempt at Project 365:

Day 1 - I decided on the eve of Jan. 1 that I wanted to try Project 365 out, so I pulled out the camera and this line of fake Wayfarers on my desk caught my eye. Not staged, I promise.

Day 2 - First and only day surfing Blackies while home for break. A west swell in the water and high tide made for some waves throughout the morning. Young local perched.

Day 3 - Mother Nature makes a photographers job easy. She does her thing, we document. Clouds building over Catalina, shot from Newport Beach.

Day 4 - Same deal, different day. Mother Nature paints the sky and my wide angle lens does the rest. Mid-morning on the south side of Huntington Beach Pier.

Day 5 - Almost got myself shipped to Guantanamo Bay (well, Thomson, Illinois now) for this one. Was in line for the restroom a bit before landing in NY when I noticed the illuminating effect from the screens on the back of each seat. Went back and grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos before the flight attendant asked my intentions. Luckily, no sky marshal or handcuffs were necessary.

Day 6 - I came out to NY with few books in tow to avoid the weight they added to my luggage. Before I returned to CA for winter break, I realized I had accrued quite a few books and they were starting to stack up around my room. I needed a bookshelf. My Craigslist scavenge concluded yesterday and my books and magazines sit neatly upon its shelves.


Robyn said...

Great photos!! I'm already feeling the pressure of a photo a day too, but I think it'll be awesome to do! : ) Good luck!

mccall said...

don't say if. do it.
i like this. lots.
also, risking being questioned as a terrorist was worth the airplane shot.