Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Regardless of your personal views of Michael Jackson, today's events are saddening in so many ways. In his prime, MJ was a star performer and an inspiration to a generation. His songs were both entertaining and well-spirited ("Heal the World", "Black and White"), and the guy could dance like none other. I bet everyone has attempted the Moonwalk at one point in his or her life. 

His legacy was tainted during his later years with the odd behavior and child molestation charges, but on the day when he surprised the world in his passing, there seemed to be a sort collective, retrospective appreciation. We can all remember seeing him in a music video, concert on TV, or the 3D movie at Disneyland. He was great to watch – crotch-grabbing, high-pitched screams, single glove, insane dance moves, scary nose and all. He was the 'King of Pop' when it was still cool to wear costumes and  acceptable to lip sync. 

And the emotion he could illicit at his concerts. Unbelievable. Something I've never seen before. That live concert on TV in 2001 in New York. Wow. I remember watching him wander out onto the stage with a suitcase in his hand, put on the jacket, hat and glove, and then send women into tears, men into girly fist-pumping fits, and bunches of white people embarrassing themselves with their attempted mimicking of moves on national television. 

I, for one, will remember Michael Jackson in his prime and the joy he brought to legions of faithful followers. 


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