Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dave Allee + Almond Surfboards & Designs

Met up with Mr. Allee at his super duper surf shop off of Old Newport Blvd. this past weekend for an interview for the mag. I'd heard some talk about some nutty new surfboard label popping up in my backyard, and finally stumbled across the facts on the blogosphere. We crossed paths at a surf flick premiere, played email tag a bit (that's not supposed to sound as suggestive as it seems), and finally were able to set aside some time for me to come and dig into the background of Almond. I must say, after spending the early afternoon wandering about the shop and chatting with my fellow Chapman alum Dave about the company and what's gone into the the thing coming together, it's rather apparent that it's quite a unique being in this oh-so-predictable thing called the surf industry.

Read a bit more in the upcoming issue of morSURF. Or, if the anticipation is just a bit too much, navigate your way over to Almond's website or blog and scour the depths of the Almond spirit.

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