Monday, April 20, 2009

Knee-jerk reaction to NYC.

Spent this past Thursday to Sunday in New York City in order to check out my potential home come August, J-School at Columbia University. Here are a few thoughts I had on it all:

– Lots of concrete.
– On the tour of Columbia, I heard "No. 1 program" at least 5 times. Wow.
– Some incredibly talented people have been admitted to that J-School program.
– Dancing roller skaters are a sight to be seen.
– The entire NYC running community congregates in Central Park.
– "Parking Garage – First Hour: $14". Seriously.
– Life without a car would be nice.
– The beach seems so far away.
– TOMS need arch support.
– Pre-partying is essential; $7 for a beer is ridiculous.
– Joseph Pulitzer founded Columbia's J-School. Yes, that Pulitzer.
– $40,000 in loans is rather daunting.
– Riding a mechanical bull isn't as easy as it looks.
– I didn't do a single bit of sight-seeing during my trip, and loved it.
– Lots of dogs, very little dog doodoo. Well done, dog owners.
– Navigating the city by Subway is rather easy; walking it is something different.
– I missed out on NYC pizza, a major regret.
– When the temps hit 70, one thought rang out: I've never seen so much pale skin in one place at one time.
– Summer in the city would blow.
– New Yorkers love their Yankees (or maybe tourists just love to buy and wear Yankees gear).
– Being an Angel fan, I loved being in town when the Yanks got whooped 20-4, by the Indians.
– I heard more English accents than New York accents.
– Still undecided on whether or not I'm J-School material.
– May 1 is coming far too soon.

Photos will be coming soon...


mccall said...

"Summer in the city would blow" - a bit presumptuous. It's no Southern California summer but it has plenty of its own perks. And it may be a concrete jungle, but the ferrys free!

jacquelynrachel said...

Knee-jerk reaction to your blog:
1. Susan would be so proud of you.
2. How did you control Kristen with all those British accents you kept running into?
3. The new photo on your page is sweet.

mark dimalanta said...

i like the dog doo doo observation. It seems that here in Southern California we have far too many irresponsible dog owners.

Living in HB and with all the dogs, one only has to walk a few yards down Main St. to witness the "smear of shame." The accidental foot collision with some idiot owner's dog signature. All because the owner didnt bother to clean up after their 4 legged friend.