Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hug the Earth. Kick your littering neighbor.

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First off, Happy Earth Day! Now, time for an environmentally motivated rant...

No one person is going to save the world. Collectively, we shit on the Earth more often than not. Even those of us who make strides to limit our carbon footprint, do more bad than good. But trying and making efforts to practice more environmentally-friendly daily habits is a positive. Reusable water bottles (SIGG, Nalgene, or re-using the plastic ones) instead of one-use plastic ones. Carpooling. Reusable grocery bags/totes (they sell the them for like $.99 or you can get a hip one at Refuse ATM and gas pump receipts. When you're at a park, on the beach, in the ocean, pick up a few extra pieces of litter; every little bit helps. If you want to be a bit extreme, bitch at the ignorant a-hole you see throwing his or her cigarette butt on the ground (or at least send them a menacing glare).

No one is mandating a complete shift to eco-friendly or organic everything. Sure, those types exist, but it's a lifestyle decision. Awareness is all I ask for. Our environment is often over-looked and taken for granted, but it sure as hell shouldn't be! There are no 10 Commandments for a healthier planet, all we can hope for is a semi-calculated and educated approach to the way you live your life. 

Do some research, pick up a few new eco-friendly practices, discuss some easy stuff with friends and family ... and hope that in your lifetime we aren't forced to evacuate the planet.

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(FYI, this is my calm, collected rant on litter and global warming. My unadulterated version isn't quite PC or researched enough to broadcast across the internet.)


Sarah said...

In the fight to be "green"...we must STOP consuming more than we need! It's incredibly tragic how much of our valuable time and money is spent on THINGS (working for, buying, throwing away). If one positive can come of these economic hard-times, I hope it is that people and ideas will begin again to be valued over money/goods and the false satisfaction they can provide.

(Don't tell Jcrew I'm writing this...hah!)

Dan Krikorian said...

Great post Chasen. There's so many simple things we can do to help that don't require the least bit of "lifestyle change." Thanks for making us think about this stuff and I'd love to hear your "non-PC" version of this rant as well.