Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coming to a Lineup Near You

Since I've started shooting surf photos, I've always been relegated to land. Well, that's about to change. After buying a Canon 40D a few months ago, I finally got access to a water-housing! Though I'm a bit nervous that I may miss some slight detail and flood my camera, I'll just have to triple-check everything along the way. If you see me bobbing out in front of you, please try your darndest not to put a fin through my forehead. Much appreciated.

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bob said...

as some who has flooded two housings... I've found that the best way for checking leaks is to put some baking soda in your housing and a film canister half full of vinegar, making sure not to spill the vinegar.

Then seal the housing up, and let the film canister fall over so that the vinegar mixes with the baking soda. this will create a lot of pressure and should show you if there is a leak.