Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Arrival in San Francisco is an experience in living." —William Saroyan

A few weeks back now, my favorite lady and I boarded a short flight to the city of trolley cars, boisterous beggars and the million-man march (otherwise known as holiday sidewalk traffic). Criticism aside, San Francisco is a city alive. There are so many people using the two legs God gave them, you almost think driving a car has gone out of style. All that walking and hopping on and off public transportation has endorphins running rampant amongst the populace. Unlike New York and Los Angeles, SF offers something that the Big Two can't touch — the people appear happy.

Lunch at the Wharf.

I've long said that San Fran is the only metropolis in America where I think I could live and not lose my sanity. It has the energy and excitement of big city living, yet still remains quaint and charming — a rather unique balance of opposites. No matter where you get off the bus, trolley or BART, there's something to see and experience: if you're an art admirer, check out MOMA; want to head home with pockets full of trinkets, make your way to Chinatown; a history buff, walk down Haight Street, the free-love, counterculture ambiance lives on; prefer time to collect your thoughts, grab a bench along the Embarcadero (away from the Fisherman's Wharf) and watch the supertankers slide into the bay.

Street Art along Haight.

Even the elements of the city that would seem to tarnish its sterling appearance add to the character. For instance, some of the homeless got gumption! (I'll forever associate that word with the old guy from "The Holiday.") First step out of our hotel with map opened wide, they appear out of nowhere. But instead of approaching with ragged cup in hand, change clanking, they open with one-liners: "I'm Fred, and I know this cit y better than anyone!" The intent is the same, some spare change, but the ingenuity is welcomed. (Well, that and I'm a sucker for donating to the needy.)

On top of it all, it's a photographers playground. So many unique angles, landscapes, lighting, scenery and surroundings. Here are a few more shots from the trip:


Anyone else craving red wine right now?

Pro-Palestine rally on Market Street near Union Square.

Bay traffic.

Ceiling of the Ferry Building.

Love me some cheese.

Seagulls litter box.


newman said...

love the photos, looking forward to next post

Worm said...

Sf is one of the only big city or cold places that i would be willing to move to.

I loved your shots in Longboard and am stoked you have a blog to showcase them.

jacquelynrachel said...

i feel the exact same way about san fran and photography. it's my favorite place to go and take pictures. i know i'm random, but i really liked your shot of the grapes haha.

devin denman said...

nice post. come be stimulated in the city on a daily basis. it is the only way to live.