Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clutter From the Hard Drive: Action

Over the last year and a half, my growing interest and ability in photography enabled me to travel to several interesting spots, shoot some extraordinary talents and build up a hard drive of intriguing photos (at least by my amateur standards). Here are a few that caught my eye:

Puerto Escondido offers one of the most punishing and powerful beachbreak waves in the world. Kai Sallas in fifth-gear.

When I ran into Australian Jai Lee at ASR this past year, I wanted to make sure I had the chance to get him in front of my lens. I tracked him down at Cardiff and managed to score some good ones of his clean, classic style.

I went with Tommy Witt and a group down to Mainland Mex a bit back. Watching Tommy surf makes one second guess what the human body is capable of. Either he's a closet-case yoga freak or made of rubber. Regardless, the guy contorts his body and pulls off noserides that don't seem possible.

An HB regular, Dodger Kremel is of the high-performance mold and one of the most colorful characters in the sport.

While down in Baja for a contest, a bunch of the guys were free-surfing next to the contest area. Caught this moment of Troy Mothershead; the young Stewart team rider seems to get better by the year.

The Point in Newport Beach isn't typically a longboard-friendly wave. But I caught Eric Vallely out there making the place look like Malibu.

Joe Aaron is one of the guys I've shot with quite a bit. He may be young, but the guy has tremendous style. A throwback of sorts, but a growing name in the sport.

Used to having to worry about getting bounced off the reef at Pipeline, the opportunity to surf perfect barrels over a sand bottom was a dream for Oahu's Kai Sallas.

Right Coaster Mikey Detemple in perfect form in Mainland Mex. He was down there directing and performing for his new movie, "Picaresque" — looks to be one of the better surf flicks released in a while.

Surfing super freak Christian Wach. Whether riding a longboard, shortboard, fish or alaia, he's a standout wherever he surfs.

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Sea Walk said...

Dude that first picture of Kai is fuckin sick as fuck!