Friday, February 1, 2013

Moments From Winter X Games 17

Stale Sandbech practicing for Big Air.
Extreme sports, as they were once known, aren't for everyone. Well, at least not at the highest level. I spent the weekend in Aspen, Colo., covering the Winter X Games for Oakley, and how there aren't more catastrophic injuries (RIP, Caleb Moore), I really don't understand. What these guys are gals are doing over hard-packed snow and ice is just mind-blowing. Double and now triple rotations while 20 and 30 feet off the ground.

Despite the injury risk, it's really a rewarding experience to get to see what these incredibly talented individuals are capable of doing up close and personal.

Here are a few moments from my time at Winter X 17.

Stale Sandbech, Slopestyle course.

Halldor Helgason, completely a peace, mid-backflip.

X Games Superpipe.

Big Air.

Shaun White. Trying for the podium in Slopestyle. #fail

X Games crowd.

Stale Sandbech testing density. Big Air Bronze.

To Mark McMorris go the spoils. Slopestyle Gold.

Aspens in Aspen.

Kaya Turski's skis.

Henrik Harlaut, dropping in to Big Air.

Kaya Turski in Silver Medal-winning flight off the cannon in Slopestyle.

Kaya Turski.

Maddy Schaffrick mute in Superpipe.

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