Monday, November 28, 2011

Photography Series: Up Above

Our surroundings so rarely change. The buildings, the cars, the people – they all remain largely the same as they were yesterday, the week or month prior. I think that's why when I've been shooting photographs lately so little of the frame actually focuses on buildings, highways, people, mountains or any other type of stationary object. When I'm shooting wide-angle, most of my photos are focused on what's above us. It's not necessarily something I do deliberately, but when I'm looking through the viewfinder, and tilt my camera ever so slightly upward, I end up liking what I see more than whatever may have been the intended subject. It's something about the colors, the changing cloud patterns, or even cloudless skies, and the idea that there's so much out there above and beyond our daily existence. There's a daily interaction between the land and the sky, turning similar images into entirely different ones depending on the lighting, the clouds, or with the presence of an awe-inspiring sunset.

It all makes me want to take flight, or at least snap another photo.

Los Angeles, from The Getty. November 2011.
The Jesus, from Taco Surf, Baja California. November 2011.
Oil Platforms off Newport Beach. July 2011.
East Village, Manhattan from Williamsburg. November 2011.
Dana Point Harbor. November 2010.
Huntington Beach Pier. January 2010.
Catalina and the Pacific, from Strands Vista. October 2011.
Sunset over Salt Creek Beach. March 2011.

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