Saturday, October 2, 2010

Next Feature Sneak Peak: 5th Ward Football

Been reporting this for a few weeks now, while finishing up the piece on the woman who resigned from NASA because of primate testing (cover story this week). That was a fun one to report and write, but this next one, about a youth football league in the 5th Ward, one of the roughest and most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Houston is something I'm really looking forward to. The coaches and kids are engaging and inspiring, and the story of this league is something that makes me seriously question how much good I'm actually putting into this world. The kids love football, even if all the equipment they have is used and doesn't fit right. The team only exists because of the goodwill and good intentions of a single family – and it's not because this family is well-to-do, because they're absolutely not. They just see football as the sort of outlet that these kids need in order to keep them in school and out of trouble. Extraordinary people. Been great for photos. Should have this one done for a mid- to late October publish date.

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MarcoFromHouston said...

Sounds promising! Can't wait!