Monday, June 21, 2010

BP Also Kicks Puppies

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is talking about the oil spill, but not really doing anything? I mean, they're bringing in experts, and this guy, and that guys, and my uncle Peter – and President Obama even leaned over and touched the stuff for a photo op. But is progress even being made? It's really quite sad. All of the PR moves asise, I can't stand to see another oil-drenched pelican or dead dolphin on the cover of a newspaper – it's sickening.

Then there's all the demonstrations: people splattering themselves with black paint and behaving dead on the pavement (yeah, but you're not dead, you just have paint on yourself and dirty clothes and you're not making an impact!), while others are throwing black paintballs at BP gas station signs. (Insert unenthusiastic thumbs-up here.) Ugh.

Let's just be supportive of trying to get through this disaster and do what we can to get that hover-car technology up and going ASAP. Thanks.

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