Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Let This Happen To You

It was obvious from the moment I saw this man in the bar he'd had a few too many or his tolerance was far lower than he knew. He was stumbling, stepping on toes and spilling his drink. At one point, he bought a round for his group and then walked away from the bar without his drinks. He returned five minutes later to order another round, before I pointed out that the three drinks already sitting on the bar were the ones he'd already purchased. Ugh.

I just so happened to come across him in his final resting place of the evening (he was breathing, I checked – then I took photos) on my way to another bar.



hahaha this is amazing, chasen. at first glance, i also thought this was someone passed out on the jschool steps. thank goodness that wasn't the case.

Jacquelyn Rachel Jones said...

this is absolutely an amazing real-life photo op. so great.