Monday, March 22, 2010

SPiN: Where Ping Pong is King

Yes, that guy is playing ping pong with his shirt off. Yes, he does proceed to take off his shorts and play in his briefs before the end of the match. No, this isn't some twisted ping pong inspired burlesque show, this is just an average Friday night at SPiN in the Flatiron District. These two were playing in the semis of the Dirty Dozen tournament that goes on every Friday at the club. SPiN is where a children's game becomes hip. The place is frequented by guys in suits, professional table tennis players, and just about every notable ping pong personality comes through. Oh, and sometimes Susan Sarandon is there, since she's a part owner.

I've been spending a good amount of time there lately for a story I'm pursuing, and like my previous reporting out at the racetrack, I'm fascinated by the culture of the place. The people are friendly and interesting, there's a bar at one end, a restaurant with a gourmet menu, and the tunes are always something poppy and upbeat. Great spot for a group of friends who want to do something different than go to a bar on a Friday night.

And so you know, the guy who stripped during his match won. Sex sells, even in ping pong.

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