Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Located at 31 Crosby.

Stopped by the shop today for a cup of coffee, to snap some photos for a few projects and to say 'hey' to the guys. Co-owner Morgan is fresh off his modeling debut in Esquire Magazine and is the face for the SoHo surf/coffee shop in a new TV piece, which is going to be appearing in NY cabs, according to their blog (check it HERE!). Josh was behind the coffee bar, and it so turns out that we had both been at musician Matt Costa's wedding reception last summer in CA (he as a guest, me as the photographer). Small world – but irrelevant, sorry. The other owner is Colin, but he wasn't there. He's cool too.

Every time I go by the place it has new product, a new piece of art on the wall, or something funky-cool to see. The location is a bit off the beaten Broadway path (like two streets to the East), which is nice when you don't have to fight the tourist crowd. If you're in NY, stop by and say hello. They're all nice guys with a good thing going. Be sure to enjoy your caffeinated drink of choice on the back patio. Yes, patio – it's what makes the location gold.

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Mig Reyes said...

This place was great, must… visit… again!