Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365: Week III (1/2)

This last week was a tough go for staying on course for the 365 straight days of taking a photo each and every day. The first draft of my Master's project was due and then school started up, which left little time for wandering about in hopes of finding something worthwhile to shoot. Instead, I just documented when and where I spent my time in most cases, which I presume, is part of what the project becomes anyhow. Some days I've had more photos than just one, but I'll only be picking one per day to feature on here. You can see all of my Project 365 photos on my Flickr account HERE.

And so, the last nine days of my life in photos:

Day 15 - "Weekend Home" - As you'll see with the next few photos, lots of time on the campus of Columbia University, most of which was spent in the Journalism school.

Day 16 - "Twelve Straight Hours" - What this doesn't say, is twelve straight hours for five straight days. Transcribing, organizing, re-organizing, procrastinating and writing. (Taken with my Blackberry.)

Day 17 - "Rain Drops on Low Memorial" - I came back wanting to see snow, and rain is the best we've got. I like the blurred effect the rain gives the building.

Day 18 - "No Title" - This figurine is in a garden right next to the St. John the Devine Cathedral, and is only about 9 inches tall. I liked the simplistic approach the artist took.

Day 19 - "Card Catalogs" - When I wasn't in the JSchool, I was in the library. There hasn't been much work done since it was built, so the rooms have so much character.

Day 20 - "The Parker Report - Haiti" - First day of Spring Semester, and M.A. student Eric Parker was on hand to give us his first-hand account of the Haiti earthquake.

Day 21 - "Self Portrait" - On the days when there isn't enough time to shoot, this is what you get.

Day 22 - "Katie Couric" - Ms. Couric was at the JSchool to accept the DuPont award for her tremendous journalistic work. Most interesting during her time at the podium was her detailed description of the Sarah Palin interviews.

Day 23 - "Patriotic Footwear" - All sorts of vintage, interesting items to shoot at the Brooklyn Flea Market. Everywhere you look you want to snap off a few frames.

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chasen! i'm looking through some of your old posts (as if you couldn't tell) and this one made me so nostalgic for jschool. i was in that library ALL the time. constantly sneaking food in there, too.