Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spineless NY Senators Vote Down Same-Sex Marriage Bill

The NY Senate has spoken. And it did so in disappointing fashion. It's not so much the decision. If California won't legalize gay marriage, it doesn't surprise me when any other state follows suit. The disappointment is in the shameless behavior of the Democratic senators who voted 'No' after leaning 'Yes'.

A change of mind happens. Disagreement happens. But voting one way to save one's political hide because he or she didn't have the fortitude to face his or her constituents is downright vomitous.

The final vote was 38 to 24. It was expected by proponents of the bill and lobbyists to be much closer. But once it became apparent that the bill wasn't going to pass – which there was a good chance it wouldn't since the 30 Republicans took a unified anti approach – supposed Democratic supporters of the bill opted to change their vote. Talk about cheapening the power of politics.

If you're going to be a talking head and a coward, get your ass out of political power. While a loss is one thing, the manner of the loss is another. A close vote signals growing support for a long overdue change to government policy. Instead, a step has been taken in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons. What I learned from this vote: there are a handful of spineless Senators sitting in Albany who don't stand for shit and are an embarrassment to the democratic process.

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