Monday, December 14, 2009

Let There Be Waves

Dear Neptune,

I've been stuck in a concrete cavern for the past 4 months. I've seen glimpses of your magnificent blue (actually, it was a bit more greenish-brown) abyss, but have yet to partake in sliding along your moving mounds of water. Come Friday I'm going to be in California for a tad longer than two weeks, and it'd be greatly appreciated if you can poke and prod whomever has control over Senor El Nino and have him put the Pacific into action. All I ask are a handful of fun mornings and early evenings (I've included examples below) before I board a plane back to the barbarically cold climate they have going along the Right Coast. We'll call it an even trade: you give me waves, I continue to scold litterers and plastic bottle users to help keep you semi-healthy. Get on it.

Hugs & High-fives,

1 comment:

Worm said...

welcome back. it is supposed to be fun and good weather and you got out of the east coast just in time