Friday, April 10, 2009

In Twain I Trust: Part II

"Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination." – Mark Twain

(The font color is intentional; Twain's sayings are gold.)

Stumbled across this Twainism and it made me think of its application in a number of arenas. First, it's an excuse for all those people who don't care to spellcheck their emails, letters, blogs, etc. Misspellings always catch my eye (especially on their/there/they're), and make me sigh. That wasn't intended to rhyme. So much respect/credibility can be lost in a message riddled with grammar and spelling, but that's just the English major in me. 

Second, in the recent fad to come up with the most bizarre spelling of children's names. That and just weird names in general. Ashleye? Mychal? Apple? Seriously? That's not creative, it's inconvenient. I have an odd name, Chasen, and I would actually be rather curious to know how much time I've spent repeating my name, correcting and/or spelling it out (for the record, I do like my name). 

That entry was deep, eh?!


jacquelynrachel said...

this entry has been brought to you by: screwing around at Vision Design on a Friday. till next week.

Worm said...

what about last names that sound like first names. you should tackle that next.