Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables

So in my previous post I had mentioned that there were two worthy longboard-minded surf videos coming out soon. Turns out there's a third candidate for "Sick Flick" of the season. From the director of "Another State of Mind" is yet another well-edited, fast-paced project. Steve Cleveland's new movie features a solid cast of talented surfers who make a longboard appear far more fun and versatile than most of us believe to be capable. But it's not all logging. Just like "Picaresque" and "The Present," a range of boards make the cut and provide for quite the pre-surf inspiration. Plus, as a surf movie should be, it's in the 30 minute range.

Presenting the trailer for Steve Cleveland's "Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables."


1 comment:

seamouse said...

some amazing/interesting/inspiring surfing going on in that 90 seconds.
mouth watering teaser.