Monday, March 30, 2009

Aushua (Salud!) @ Detroit Bar!

If you live in or around Costa Mesa, Calif. and are looking for some FREE entertainment tonight, consider stopping by Detroit Bar on Placentia Ave. to check out local super-group, Aushua.

A bit about the band: they've been on the rise for longer than they probably care to remember; they've compiled a solid library of original tunes and have had numerous U2 comparisons (which I prefer not to acknowledge); they're loved by Kat Corbett, resulting in a fair amount of play on KROQ's "Locals Only"; toured with Thrice; Nate's vocals make ladies go weak at the knees; were scheduled to perform on The Carson Daly Show, so on and so forth ... the point of listing the credentials is to atone for requesting your sacrificing a few extra hours of shut-eye.

Come by, have a drink, enjoy Nate's witty humor, watch Lee work up a sweat, scream for Phil and consider it an evening well spent. Oh, and try to coax Eric into expressing some degree of emotion. If you do, I'll give you $5.

Lastly, I'm sorry, I know, the photo is poor quality. I blame Canon and my low-end 18-55mm lens. Give me $1,000 and I'll upgrade.

You can find a few of their songs and more about the band @

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