Monday, November 3, 2008

The First Entry on a First in America ...

Watching the closing remarks from this 21 month campaign trail for both the Obama and McCain camps, it's incredible to look back and reflect on everything that our generation has been fortunate enough to be a part of. Similar to the way previous generations were so intrigued by the Kennedy presidency or disgusted by the turmoil that surrounded the Nixon era, the 2008 Election will come to be one of the defining historical moments of our lifetimes. Hell of a time to be alive, I must say.

I don't necessarily associate myself with one party or another. Those who know me know that I'm in favor of the Obama/Biden ticket. Eight years ago, I would have supported McCain. Had we had him in office instead of Bush, I believe that the status of our nation would be quite a bit different. Presently, we live in a country facing dire times, and I wholeheartedly believe that our country is in need of "fundamental change" now more than ever. I don't believe McCain will provide that change.

In the past, I've been extremely apathetic to politics in general. Though I'm 25, this will be the first presidential election that I will have voted in. And for the first time in my life, I've found myself entrenched in becoming educated about the issues, the political agendas of the candidates and about the candidates themselves. I credit my lady friend, Sarah, with motivating me to get my political education in order — not to sit and let the future of the country pass me by without making my voice heard.

I'm not yet informed on every issue facing our country in this upcoming election — my late-night study habits from college should serve me well when perusing my "Official Voter Information Guide" —but I'm inspired by the uproar in interest that this election has elicited in the general public. Whether standing on street corners with their "Yes on 8" signs (which I adamantly oppose), chanting at rallies or wearing their pro-Obama "Change" t-shirts, this election (due heavily to different stances on the war in Iraq [pronounced E-rock], the future of our economy and gay marriage) has awoken the sleeping giant that is the voting population.

Do yourself and the country a favor, and like me, educate yourself before entering your vote. Leave party politics aside and consider what is best for your friends, family and the improved health of this country as a whole. Celebrity-status and/or poor vice president selection aside, make the informed decision not the one that simply regurgitates the battle cries of a party.

Whether you and I see eye to eye on the issues or the candidates, I hope that you at least do you part and make sure that by 8pm tomorrow night, you're proudly wearing an "I voted" sticker ... over your "Barack and Roll" shirt.